All-in-one Scheduling Service for Enterprise
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Provide hassle free scheduling experience for your employees.
Boost your business' productivity by using our simple and streamlined scheduling system.
No Development Cost
Link Kono with your own systems without a separate system development.
Easy onboarding
The administrator tools provided allow team members to have an easy and immediate onboarding.
Customer Support
As a customer of Kono for Enterprise, get support from our customer center anytime.
Easy-to-use chatbot interface provided
Reach Kono on your favorite platform. We’ve integrated so you don’t have to.
Email Bot
Kono suggests meeting times considering your email context & calendars.
Messenger Bot
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Email Bot
Messenger Bot
More calendars, more platforms, more support
Using a calendar or messenger we haven't integrated? Let us know--we can support it.
Stronger security system
We safely manage data through advanced encryption and security standards to match enterprise level.
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Increase business productivity with our scheduling solution
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We are building Kono, the AI Scheduling Assistant for Teams and Enterprises worldwide to be productive.
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