Stop wasting time on scheduling
Scheduling should be simple. So you can focus on what matters.
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Quickly schedule team meetings within chatroom
Instantly schedule meetings with your team members on your usual messenger apps with a single command.
Seamlessly update appointments with guests outside.
You can easily update details of meetings outside the company simply by talking to Kono like you would to an actual partner.
Easily book meeting rooms with a single command
Even finding an empty room to book for a meeting is inconvenient. Kono finds and reserves the most optimal meeting space for all participants.
Safe and secure schedule synchronization
All schedules are safely synchronized on your calendars and can be easily managed.
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Don’t waste your precious time on scheduling anymore.
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For Teams
Let your team members focus on more important tasks.
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For Enterprises
All-in one scheduling assistant for enterprise
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We are building Kono, the AI Scheduling Assistant for Teams and Enterprises worldwide to be productive.
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