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Kono is Intelligence, Integrated
There’s no need to adopt new platforms. Kono is your final, one-stop scheduling solution.

One sentence is all it takes
Like a handy assistant, call on Kono directly from your Slack workspace.
One sentence is all it takes to check the team's availability, send out invites, and manage your calendar.
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Simply cc Kono
Email is here to stay. Kono for Email is our response to the dreaded email ping-pong.
Simply cc once, and let Kono intercede.
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With only a few clicks
With our intuitive interface, you can take advantage of Kono’s guest coordination skills and manage dozens of clients on your CRM or ATS, with only a few clicks.
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Team Solutions for Team Challenges
Our products have been tested against the real scheduling inefficiencies of working in groups.

We know what it takes to make a team efficient.
Smart Concierge Services
Work across timezones, and with external guests—leave the logistics to Kono.
Resource Management
Meeting rooms, conference call lines, and more. Kono provisions for your common resources.
Efficient with Time
With auxiliary tasks delegated to Kono, you no longer need to be always on-call, and no longer deal with tedious tasks.
Secured to the Highest Standards
Thorough information governance and advanced security controls ensure that your information remains private and secure.
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